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Savannah Awde, Editor


Savannah has lived in downtown Ottawa for five years while completing a bachelor of commerce degree at the University of Ottawa. In that time, she’s been heavily involved in the Fulcrum newspaper, starting as a volunteer writer, then moving through the ranks as features editor, managing editor, and editor-in-chief. She’s also applied her degree work to social justice by contributing to social enterprise building through Enactus uOttawa.

She has a long list of news interests, but tends to gravitate to covering the intersection of politics and Indigenous issues, feminism, mental illness, and racial injustice in the LGBTQ+ movement.

Find her on Twitter: @s_awde7

Graham Robertson, Editor

Photo: Erin van Weerdhuizen.

Originally hailing from the the Greater Toronto Area, Graham is in his fourth year of the Conflict Studies and Human rights program at the University of Ottawa. Through his studies, Graham has expanded his passion for human rights issues, and has a keen interest in children’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and minority rights. He has been involved in human rights and mental health initiatives at the University of Ottawa, and has held a number of communications positions, specifically his work with the Fulcrum as a volunteer, news editor, and most recently as managing editor. This work has helped Graham hone his journalistic skills, specifically through reporting on social issues and activism in Ottawa. 

Find him on Twitter: @_grahamr

Anchal Sharma, Editor

Photo: Robin Pianosi.

Also from the Greater Toronto Area, Anchal moved to Ottawa to pursue her studies in Communication and Political Science at the University of Ottawa. Over the past few years, she has applied her knowledge in the field of communication through a variety of initiatives, the most notable being her work at the Fulcrum. This is where she found her passion for journalism (and coffee), and participated as a volunteer, as Arts and Culture Editor, and currently as News Editor. Anchal aspires to use her skills to write about the things that interest her most: mental health, intersectional feminism, and the struggles faced by minorities in the larger community scope. She enjoys work that challenges her, and seeks to write about often forgotten narratives.

Find her on Twitter: @anchalsharma_

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